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Ferdows Music Academy

Ferdows Music academy has been operating since 2012, and is the only institution that, in addition to the license of the Ministry of Islamic Guidance, also has received the license of Iran’s Technical and Vocational Training Organization. From the very beginning, efforts have been made to provide services beyond the services of other music academies. Using an experienced psychology department, this institute has been able to provide services that are in accordance with the current knowledge of the world using music knowledge and its combination with music psychology.

آموزشگاه موسیقی

Ferdows Music Academy

Ferdows Music Academy has been able to help students and families with their understanding of music using benefits of cooperation with psychologists and other sciences related to music education and use of educational workshops in the field of child psychology, effective communication, instrument selection and stress management workshops.
The turning point of Ferdows Music Academy is the use of group playing technique for students and preparing them for student concerts. Annual student concerts are being held in order to create a professional atmosphere for our students to perform and increase their experience in performing. The formation of two concerts in 2016 and 2019 has been one of the activities of this academy that was encouraged by families and concert attendees. Therefore, relying on your trust, students and art loving families, Ferdows Music Academy has now become one of the strongest and most equipped music institutes in the north of Tehran.

  Singing Course


The concerts are held in the best and most equipped halls of Tehran. After the students have acquired the necessary skills in playing their instruments, they are prepared for the concert in the form of small and large groups, while performing on stage brings them a valuable experience.

Adherence to health protocols

Since the outbreak of Corona virus we have been careful with observing the physical distance and disinfecting all equipment and musical instruments after each student leaves. Also the mandatory use of a mask has provided a safe, completely sterile and hygienic environment for students.


10 Years of brilliant Activity

Ferdows Music Academy has been able to gain the trust of students and to take a professional step towards the path of growth and education of those interested in learning music by using modern educational equipment and modern methods.


Music Education

Ferdows Music Academy is the most specialized online and virtual music training center that welcomes students by providing a suitable platform and infrastructure. The superiority of in person education to online classes includes the direct exchange of information between teacher and student.

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